The Grinch Who Stole Christmas Visits Natomas

THE BUZZ received the following e-mail first thing this morning from NATOMAS BUZZ reader Danelle:

“Well, it finally happened. After five years of decorating our front yard with a very cute Santa Stop Here sign and blow up floating Santa and reindeer, the grinches caught up with us. We woke up this morning to find just the large brick that held the Santa sign from falling over and empty extension cords. I hope that the jerks that took them at least put them up somewhere so other kids can enjoy it like my children have. Now I have to go and tell the kids… “

Apparently, Danelle’s neighbors two doors down on Fredericksburg had a few spiral-lighted trees stolen as well. And when she called Paladin to report the theft, the dispatcher replied “You must live in Natomas Park” adding that they had received a lot of similar reports from the neighborhood.

This news totally bums us out…

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