More About Inderkum’s BIG GAME!

The Inderkum High School football team has made it to the Division 3 Championship

The ASB has organized students to make signs and other decorations, school mascots will be present as well as the band.

Saturday morning there is a tailgate kickoff party at Inderkum as a pep rally starting at 9:30 a.m. to include music, activities, face painting, press interviews etc. Volunteers are needed!

If you would like to volunteer to help out at the High school, please e-mail: [email protected]

Pass this information along to so we can get fans to come to the game and show the Sac Bee we do have supportive fans – not the worst fans, as reported.

So if you would like to see a great game this Saturday and support our students join us:

Division III Championship
Casa Roble (12-) vs. Inderkum (11-1)
@ Oakmont High School
1:00 p.m. kickoff
Gates open: 11:30 a.m.
Admission: $10 adults / $6 students
Seating: Casa Roble (home, west side) / Inderkum (visitor, east side)
T-shirts: will be on sale – $15-$19, depending on size
Souvenir Programs: will be on sale – $3.00


  1. Angelique Ashby says

    Could be – come this weekend we may just have our first Championship title for Inderkum High School’s Varsity Football team….

    Inderkum may not have decades of alumni and years of tradition but they do have a lot of talented kids. They are too new for all of that.

    Other schools football games are packed with former students and teachers and family members.

    Inderkum is still the new kid on the block and we are all they’ve got….

    These kids are amazing and the teams coming up behind them (jv and freshman promise to be just as terrific).

    So here is what I am telling you – this year the football team is tremendous and it will be for the next 4 years at least – but they need you and me and all of us to come out and support the program because they don’t have 1000’s of alumni to support them.

    Other schools have history – these kids are making our history right now – this is the beginning of what will become tradition in Natomas – a love for sports and an expectation of excellence at Inderkum High School.

    Be a part of cheering these kids on – be a part of the community that rallies behind the new kids – they may not have history on their side but they have you….

    This Saturday Inderkum Varsity plays Casa Robla for the Regional Division III Championship Football Title.

    The game will be played at Oakmont High School on Cirby Way in Roseville
    Game Time – 1:00pm
    Admission -$10 adults/$6 students

    We will be the visiting team – sitting in the bleachers to the Left of the entrance or the East side of the field)

    *****Pep Rally – get fired up for the Tigers at 9:30am at Inderkum High School******

    The Pep Rally will have music, media, games, activities for kids and will be a chance to tell the young athletes of Natomas good luck and go get em’!!!!!!!!!

    If you can make time for the pep rally and/or the game your support and presence will be greatly appreciated as these young Natomas athletes fight to bring home a victory a championship a title and start writing their own history!!!!!!

    GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Angelique Ashby, JD
    Creekside Neighborhood association
    Crime & Safety Leadership Team

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