In The News: Natomas Park’s Private Security

Natomas Park was among those featured in this morning’s Sac Beearticle about neighborhoods’ efforts to combat crime by hiring private security patrols.

An excerpt:

Natomas Park hires security

To stem crime, the homeowners association for the sprawling, 8-year-old Natomas Park development hired Paladin Security. The community has endured robberies, shootings and home invasions.

“It is working phenomenally,” said Robert Thompson, homeowners association president.

The officers carry pistols and Tasers.

Several years ago, the homeowners association contacted city police but learned the department had no program for off-duty neighborhood patrols.

That could change.

Police Chief Rick Braziel said “he would be very supportive if a neighborhood association approached us to go into a contract to provide these services,” said Officer Konrad Von Schoech, police spokesman.

Thompson said Natomas Park is the largest homeowners association in Northern California: 4,000 homes with 14,000 residents.

Homeowners’ dues pay for the patrol. Dues, which include a management service, well-equipped clubhouse and the 24-hour security, cost homeowners $69 a month.

“Providing safety is at the top of the list for us,” said Thompson. “The basic tenet of the homeowners association is to preserve the property values. Nothing affects property value like crime.”

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