Don’t Wait, Dec. 8 Is Very Important Date

City and County of Sacramento Remind Natomas Property Owners to Obtain Preferred Risk Flood Insurance Policies before December 8 Deadline

The City and County of Sacramento are reminding property owners in the Natomas Basin, which includes portions of the City of Sacramento and Sacramento and Sutter Counties to purchase flood insurance before new floodplain maps go into effect on December 8, 2008.

After midnight on December 7, flood insurance becomes mandatory for all property owners with a federally-backed mortgage. If purchased before the deadline, property owners may purchase a Preferred Risk Flood Insurance Policy for $348 for the first year. The policy will convert to a Standard X policy when it comes up for renewal in 2009.

Property owners who do not purchase insurance before the deadline will be faced with insurance rates that can be up to five times more expensive than a Preferred Risk Policy (depending on when the permit for construction or major improvement to the property was pulled).

“Because there is a weekend before the deadline, the City and County want to encourage property owners who do not already have their insurance policies in place to purchase a policy before the deadline. To ensure that policies are in place before the deadline, the City and County encourage you to contact an insurance agent before Friday afternoon,” says Dave Brent, Engineering Services Manager for the City of Sacramento Department of Utilities.


  1. We bought flood insurance two years ago… Our policy expires/renews in February… Is that when the increased rates will take effect for us? If so, then I wish I would’ve just cancelled and bought a new policy today to maximize my savings.

    Seems a bit unfair considering we bought into the program early yet will get hit with the increase well before people that waited until the last minute.

    Any info is appreciated.

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