Confirmed: Borders Store To Close

Photo by Angelique Ashby

Sources tell THE BUZZ that the Borders bookstore in Natomas is set to close its doors permanently come January… As seen in the photo sent in to THE BUZZ today (Sunday), the store will close Jan. 3.


  1. That is too bad…hate to see them go under. It’s the economy!

  2. This is terrible.

  3. Bummer. I loved to go in there and check out a book before I ordered it from for 30% less.

  4. I’ve been dreading this closure the most. I hope it’s not the death knell … there are tons of 99-Cent stores willing to fill those vacancies and they ultimately add very little. Having a bookstore anchoring that location has been a glimmer of hope and a real luxury. And a legitimate gathering place for all ages. We would always pay the extra couple bucks just to infuse that place with cash. Here’s hoping a quality tenant can afford the rent there!

  5. Sad. A cool store with lots of entertainment value. Sure you can get some things cheaper online but how about supporting a store that gives people in your neighborhood a job? Price should not be the only factor in where to buy something. Borders employed a lot of Natomas people.

  6. Terribly sad to see them go and an ominous sign of things to come. Amazon might have been cheaper, but being able to special order an out of print book, review it, and then pay for it is not something Amazon duplicates.

  7. Maybe we should let the developer of the property know that 99 cent store is unacceptable in our neighborhood. Trixie

  8. Its very serious and sobering to see the Borders close.

    But, as my former boss explained to me when I had to conduct my first round of layoffs- focus on the “surviors” of the layoffs, too.

    Let’s focus on shopping at the other stores in the mall to ensure their success. These “survivors” will make or break this shopping area. mws

  9. Although I prefer Borders it was only a matter of time given the current economy. Right now our neighborhood can not sustain two major bookstores. Which is sad because there is nothing like the love of reading a good book. I will definately miss the place.

  10. I emailed Border asking them not to close the store. It can’t hurt.

  11. Well, Barnes and Nobles is a better bookstore, at least they don’t lie about events. Also, there’s always the library.

  12. I always found Borders staff to be much more helpful than Barnes and Noble. I will truly miss this store.

  13. It’s a shame they forgot to tell their employees about it. Instead, they let them find out about it when they happened upon the STORE CLOSING signs. Cold hearted, to say the least. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, you’re fired.

    The piss poor management is the real problem. I hope they all get visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve.

  14. I am an employee of this Borders store and I wanted to reply to a few of the above comments.

    First, thank you to all of those who support us during this trying time. Most, if not all, of us are losing our jobs due to the store closing. This includes all levels of staff, including managers and supervisors.

    Second, the management here at the store is not the problem. In fact, it was one of our managers that found the sign package mentioned in the above comment. The manager found the sign package on a Monday and the management team was not “officially” told by their boss until Tuesday. This was after some staff had already begun receiving phone calls from outside people inquiring about the closing. Most of the staff found out on Tuesday and a store meeting was held Wednesday morning. Our managers have always been extremely supportive of the staff and are some of the best people I’ve ever worked with. If anyone is the problem, it’s the absentee district/corporate support staff who truly wrote this store off a long time ago.

    Again, thank you for all your support!

  15. It’s closing on the third? So technically it’s last day is on the second or is it the third? I want to go get cheap books if it’s still open tomorrow! Help me out.

  16. This is written by our 7 year old son after he and his twin brother were given the bad news of Borders closing: whoever is in charge of this is rong. It does’int mader (matter) if nobody does’int have the money for it. We are just happy that we have Borders.
    from D.S.

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