Where Do YOU Shop In Natomas?

Black Friday is a mere two days away and Natomas neighborhood leaders want you to SHOP NATOMAS!

When you think about your holiday shopping, ask yourself, “Is there a local store (hiring local employees) where I can purchase this item?” Buying locally keeps employers in Natomas.

THE BUZZ wants NATOMAS BUZZ readers to share their fave shopping spots and gift ideas.

Here’s one of ours:

Did you know Shari’s Berries Inc. has a gift shop in Natomas? The store is located at 1415 N. Market Blvd. in Suite 3. It is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and closed weekends!

What are yours?


  1. Big fan of the Scholastic warehouse sale here! The next one starts Dec 5th. Follow the red arrows off of Del Paso to National Dr.

  2. I’m in the Border’s Rewards program and they send me a coupon a week. I usually find books, games, movies and more as gifts for the season! Trixie

  3. I like to buy gift certificates at the local nail shops for pedicures and manicures for my kids’ teachers.

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