The Day After

This is the line we stood in when THE BUZZ went to vote yesterday in Natomas. What do NATOMAS BUZZ readers think about the election results?


  1. No more Heather. I wonder if it’s too late to get out of the extra fancy $300,000 cat cages and $50,000 cat shelter art.

    There are tough times ahead but I believe we can all work together to focus our tax money on public safety instead of boondoggles like fancy cat houses for animals which will sadly, most probably be euthanized anyway. BAS

  2. I think the landslide both in the city and the nation make it clear that the vast majority of voters are ready for a change. My favorite pundit quote …”this has been a non-violent revolution.”

  3. Overall, it went the way, I’d hoped for. Minus the hate.

  4. Bittersweet election. Glad to see Obama win, but saddened by the passing of Prop 8. However, I am proud to be a resident of Natomas for rejecting Prop 8.

  5. Happy about Obama. Can’t believe Californians think animals should have “rights” but gay people shouldn’t marry???

  6. Thrilled with everything except that chickens have more civil rights than gays. That really bugs me. I wonder how many people thought about it that way before they voted? How many African-Americans voted for Prop 8, without realizing that their great grandparents also didn’t have the legal right to marry.

    Baby steps I guess…Maybe KJ will actually hold up to 1/10th of the North Natomas Community Plan!

  7. Thrilled with Obama, sad 8 passed, worried that Kevin Johnson won. Still the same guy he was in high school — it’s always all about him. :(

  8. Unlike previous comments, our household voted for McCain and for restoring traditional marriage. To us, Prop.8 is a moral issue, not a civil rights issue. We believe in gay couples loving and living how they may but we don’t believe marriage should be re-defined. Props to everyone who stood up for what they believe in, no matter where you stood on the issue. I think it’s sad to see people of faith called “bigots” and “evil” simply for trying to defend their personal/religious convictions. As for Obama’s win, despite the many reservations I have about the direction he will lead our country in, I support him and wish for nothing but success for him and our country. As for the mayoral candidated, I definitely think KJ will be better for the city.

  9. Was surprised the animal rights prop. passed and was SHOCKED to find that Californian’s are okay with 12-year-old girls having abortions without informing a parent. I can see if it was for parental permission, but it was simply to notify the parent. Crazy if you ask me!

  10. I too am saddened to see that Prop 8 passed. I don’t consider people of faith bigots or evil, but I was disgusted by the groups of people standing on the corner waving signs and jumping up and down with glee because they want to take away a persons right to marry the one they love. Against gay marriage? Then don’t marry a gay person. Against abortion? Don’t have one. Kinda tired of people telling other people what to do when it really has zero affect on their own personal life. Trixie

  11. Prop 8 did redefine marriage… weird that you didn’t want it redefined but you voted for it…

    A debate for another day… why marriage is still the only set in stone portion of our government that has not recognized separation of church and state.

  12. Wow, still calling it “hate” when things don’t go your way. Has anyone even bothered to check what a “civil right” is? Which of the Bill of Rights (Federal) lists marriage as a right? Judges expand and interpret the Constitution to fit current standards. Saying that a right has been “taken away” ignores the context in which it was given.

    Oh, and I love the “why do we tell others what to do?” argument. “As long as it doesn’t affect another person’s personal life, then let them be.” This is basic argumentation and critical thinking people! Suicide fits well within those parameters. Does that mean parents have no rights over their children (what harm is all that candy on Halloween anyway?)

    OK, wanting to fit in here, I’ll go ahead and make some stupid arguments of my own. I care about my mother and want to be able to make medical decisions if she becomes ill. It would also be nice not to worry about probate or trusts or any of that legal stuff. Why don’t we just get married? Nobody is hurt. She consents. It is my civil right to marry my mother (see it even sounds good when I use complex words!) Why does everyone hate us?

    Look, I don’t see defining marriage as being between a man and a woman as denying others of a “right” or hateful. I see it as the positive encouragement by the state of a positive, venerable and beneficial institution for the benefit of society.

    Right now in California, it is the Civil Right of a man and women to marry. Comparing that to the “rights” of a chicken is a really bad analogy. OK, we can talk about someone marrying the chicken, but that is just another type of logical fallacy.

    The comments about Blacks betraying their civil rights roots by voting for Proposition 8 is nothing more than another form of racial attack. Lets see, the definition of marriage as being between a man and woman is the same as the forced extraction, enslavement and denial of basic human rights over the course of several generations? Yes, I see these as comparable….

    Can someone change my mind on the topic? Sure, I am open to rational, well considered debate. Do I hear it much? No.

    Do I consider this post a well formed argument on the topic? No, it is brief (considering the topic) and fragmented, but I will say that I have managed to argue the point without disparaging any group or individual. That’s also what I would hope Obama brings to America; civil discussion.

  13. “but I will say that I have managed to argue the point without disparaging any group or individual”.

    The mere fact that you supported Prop 8 is disparaging an entire group of people. No one has to convince you to support gay marriage. Prop 8 will be overturned by the courts and gay marriage will again be a reality in CA and eventually throughout the whole country. And you can still object to it and voice your opinion, but it doesn’t really matter. If you don’t like gay marriage, then don’t enter into one. By the way, I’m gay and still married in CA…you didn’t take that away from me.

  14. >>>I think it’s sad to see people of faith called “bigots” and “evil” simply for trying to defend their personal/religious convictions.

    No, they are not simply defending. You can have whatever convictions you want to. Just don’t write your discrimination into our constitution. My friends gay marraige didn’t hurt you at all in any way and you have no right to take their rights away. If a majority decided that black and white people couldn’t marry, it would be wrong, majority or not, just like this is wrong. Just because 52% are ok with discrimination, doesn’t make it right. A majority once favored slavery, did that make it ok?

    Equality will come.

  15. “Prop 8 will be overturned by the courts and gay marriage will again be a reality in CA and eventually throughout the whole country.”

    Sadly, you are probably right. The bullying and the tyranny of tolerance we’re seeing in the media, the large majority coming from the No on 8 side, is bound to continue. While Yes on 8 leaders said on Election day that should the amendment not pass, they would honor the will of the people and move on, the No on 8 side chose to fight the will of the people. And fight it they have by showing no tolerance or respect for those who disagree and by targeting people of faith and desecrating temples and churches sacred to so many.

    A large part of my reason for supporting Prop 8 is the fact that I’m not okay with the state educating my children about gay relationships/marriage. That is a moral issue that I believe parents should talk to their children about, not the schools. Despite No on 8’s attempts to deceive voters into thinking that Prop 8 had nothing to do with children, I think most people know better. My sister’s friend called the CA Board of Education to find out from the horse’s mouth if gay marriage would be taught in schools without Prop 8 (although we needn’t look any further than the Bay Area to see the truth.) After being given the run-around, they confirmed that in fact their gay marriage curriculum was in place, ready to go in all but 4 school districts in California.

    So you see, while gays are not okay with my religious convictions being “forced” on them, I am not okay with their gay agenda being forced on my kindergartner.

  16. Yes, I’ll take you for your word that you are married, gay and I won’t take that away. I have no desire to take it away. The courts made this mess, let them deal with it. I wouldn’t expect anything to be done retroactively. You were married legally and I would expect that to stay.

    You may also be right that marriage will change throughout the country and, eventually, in California. It is more likely that another vote will do it rather than the courts, but time will tell.

    Thank you for letting me voice my opinion. I’m also glad to hear yours. Your opinion does matter and I would hope that you would consider other opinions, if not mine, so that you can get beyond the generalities and change people rather than alienate them.

    Does marriage between two consenting adults “hurt” anyone? No. Is it a monetary issue? Not really (although Jerry Brown didn’t represent this correctly on the pamphlet.) Are these the only criteria for deciding if something is a right? No. What reason is there to expand the definition of “marriage” (the traditional institution) to be more than what it is now?

    You may be right that some people voted for the reasons you imagine, but I’m guessing many voted out of love of the institution called marriage more than a desire to discriminate. Others voted because they don’t like judges overturning votes and have a real issue with the power they wield over the other two branches AND the people.

    If you truly believe that change will happen, then let it happen. Lumping everyone together and painting them one color only makes you like the people you think we are.

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