One Big, Wet Mess

The dog park in Regency Park reopened last Wednesday after being closed while city officials fixed irrigation and landscaping issues.

Area dog owners are already complaining about the new composite used to fill in the areas previously muddy. The composite is loosely packed and with the rain it became a mess similar to the previous mess.

Grassy areas were replanted and aerated, but dog owners point out it will be a quite some time before it will grow enough to recover the ground and eliminate the mud. To date, nothing has been done to replace the dead trees.

Now, the small dog park is experiencing flooding because one sprinkler head is broken and dogs have taken to digging the flooded areas and did create two sizable holes. The park maintenance crew filled them in with what appears to be the same composite as they did in the large dog park.

“I doubt there is a dog owner within the group of people who have been assigned to build and maintain this park,” says one NATOMAS BUZZ reader. “I have started taking my dogs to a dog park in Davis on the weekends. It is a bit of a drive but until this park is brought back to the same standard as when it opened I don’t see visiting it is worth the hassle.”

When THE BUZZ previously posted items about the condition of this dog park, we were criticized by some readers who didn’t feel the park’s condition merited so much attention.

We disagree. The condition of these two Natomas dog parks and the halfhearted attempt by city officials to fix them is disappointing to say the least. What a waste of taxpayers’ money to poorly design and build these parks and not maintain them…


  1. I agree 100%; if you’re going to build the parks, then you better be able to maintain them!

    Same goes for basketball standards and nets, too!

    Maintain our parks!


  2. Dog parks seem to be a problem, probably like their owners too. Keep out all the dogs and people until the park can stabilize, I still can’t understand what the owners want, even if the park was in great shape, the dogs will ruin it. There is a park in Davis near the RR tracks, it is in a big wetland basin, maybe a dog park can be built next to one here, and nature, not my tax $ can maintain it.

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