Got Flood Insurance?

If you live in Natomas like we do, chances are you’ve found more than one “buy flood insurance now” flier on your door in recent weeks.

THE BUZZ and fam has had flood insurance for some time — not to mention a “No Soliciting” sign — so we really don’t need all the fliers and insurance sales folks knocking on our door.

But there are those out there who have yet to purchase a flood insurance policy and some who don’t even know what all the fuss is about. And there are those for whom buying a policy is simply a financial hardship on top of what are already tough economic times…

Hopefully, this graphic has some helpful information but if you still have questions be sure to call the city of Sacramento’s floodplain information line at 808-5061.


  1. There are still a few days left to get the premium rated insurance.

    For renters, it’s substantially less (contents only), for example: $40k contents = $167 annually. That works out to $14 per month. Flood is most likely to cause TOTAL destruction of your contents.

  2. The final day to purchase at the lower rate is Dec. 7th. It can be delt with in Jan. if you put the flood premium on a credit card and pay off when the bill comes.

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