Find Out More About North Natomas Finance Plan

Please mark your calendars and come to this important meeting about the North Natomas Finance Plan.

A similar meeting was held last weekend on extremely short notice due to a council vote scheduled to occur three days later. Most of the 20 or so in attendance urged a delay so that more community stakeholders could participate. Initially our request was denied but I’m pleased to report that the vote has since been delayed and at least one public meeting has been scheduled to allow for more community input.

MILLIONS in developer-funded impact fee dollars are at stake in this critical finance plan. A number of infrastructure projects, mostly freeway overcrossings and roadway widenings, are slated for “defunding” which places their future starts and completions in jeopardy.

Natomas community leaders pushed very hard for this delay so that YOU could participate. PLEASE take seriously our call for your attention to this critical finance plan. You need NOT have a background in finance or construction to be an asset in the discussion.

I try to avoid being “the boy who cries wolf” when it comes to community meeting and event invitations — there are SO many on the calendar these days (WRCA’s own included). Please mark your calendars now for this meeting two weeks from today so that you can be a part of this critical milestone in the future of North Natomas.

The meeting will be held on Saturday, November 15th from 10:00 AM to noon at the Natomas Unified District Office Board Room, located at 1901 Arena Boulevard. It’s right across from “the giant Coke cup.”

It’s pretty amazing to think of some of the things the Natomas community has accomplished, especially in the past year. That’s because its CITIZENS get involved, show up, and make a difference. YOU are and continue to be a huge part of that.

Show up. Be heard. Make a difference.

Your community partner,

Keith Sharward, Co-Founder
Witter Ranch Community Alliance
Member, Natomas Crime & Safety Leadership Team


  1. Sorry to be the party-pooper, but most residents do not care about this. If they did, they’d be lined up at city hall like they were to get the play structure funding approved.

    Why don’t people care? I think one Natomas resident came the closest to explaining when he said the NNFP is “not as sexy [for residents to get involved in] as crime in Natomas, inadequate fire protection west of I-5, and other things that can be seen on a daily basis by everyone.”

    But I don’t think that goes far enough. Most residents in the area (95%?) don’t even know the plan exists, let alone who their council person is, let alone who these people are who claim to be their leaders.

    In general, I believe people want the very things that were promised to all of us up front: “A great place to live, work and play.”

    People want a safe community, good schools, stuff to do on the weekend nearby, solid employers in the area, et al. And until we get elected officials in city hall who understand and are willing to act on those needs, it is doubtful many people will be interested in talking finances with the city and its attorneys.


    -A taxpaying North Natomas resident with no authorized leader other than my representative at city hall who is failing my community.

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