A Report From The Fort

Last night I volunteered with the Fort Natomas Rebuild. I worked on restoring one of the last remaining pieces of the Original Fort Natomas from 1991. It is going to rest on a monument on the side of the Fort Natomas

I also got to take part in some manual labor. Moving around getting in the mud on my knees putting screws into different areas of Fort Natomas. I can now look around the structure and say that I helped put that piece together. I remember it being easy or a pain

Tonight was picture night for me. I took lots of pictures to try to capture some of what was going on out there.

There were some
amazing stories that came from different volunteers. This is the third rebuild for a few volunteers. They took part in the last two

A former 4th grade teacher that used to teach at Jefferson Elementary School was there and was amazed to see the little kids in her class all grown up and helping with the rebuild

Some of the volunteers were from North Natomas. Some North Natomas volunteers moved from South Natomas when North Natomas got built. Some volunteers were from South Natomas and lots of young people were everywhere helping.

If you can spare a few hours to come out, volunteer help is needed. If nothing else run supplies back and forth from the supply area or materials area to the construction site. That would be a real help to get Fort Natomas completed. There are many other tasks that can be done also besides construction work and running. There is support for the people in support positions. (child care, food distribution)

Three Shifts,
8A-12PM 12PM-5PM 5PM-9PM

I shot about 82 photos tonight and placed them on the Fort Natomas Photobucket. You can track the progress of Fort Natomas as its being built
Some pics that I took tonight mixed in with the rest of the day



  1. Ray Tretheway says

    Dear Neighbor,

    I had a truly wonderful time last night volunteering with hundreds of other people from throughout Sacramento as we rebuild Fort Natomas.

    However, we continue to need volunteers to help us finish the job. Today and tomorrow we will be working from 8:00 AM to 9:30 PM . And Sunday we will be working from 8 AM to 7 PM, with a community celebration at 7 PM. The build is taking place at the South Natomas Community Center, located at 2921 Truxel Road.

    We need both skilled and unskilled workers, as well as people to help us with childcare.

    In addition to your hands, we are still in need of tools. We are especially looking for grinders, orbital jigsaws, and corded drills.

    We have also been blessed with amazing weather. But with the warmth we are also looking for bottled water for our volunteers as well as food for the community potluck tomorrow night.

    Thank you again for all of those who are volunteering and donating what you can. We are half way there, so now is the time to finish the job.


    PS Check out the pictures of the build here.

    Ray Tretheway
    Councilmember, District One
    City of Sacramento
    (916) 808-7001

  2. Judging from the pictures, it looks really nice. One big problem I see though, is it REALLY being built out of wood again? Have they not learned their lesson about the (few) idiots that live around there?



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