When Did That Happen?

THE BUZZ has been hit 50,000 plus some when we were not even looking!

Thank you, readers, for your ongoing support.

“NATOMAS BUZZ is a celebration of life in Natomas — warts and all.”


  1. Congrats and thanks so much for your efforts to foster a sense of community and for keeping us all in the loop!

  2. Thanks Buzz! As I mentioned before, you are doing a great service to our community! You provide us all excellent and invaluble information and it is much appreciated. I say 100K by April!


  3. Great Job Buzz!!!

  4. Buzz is a must-read in Natomas! Keep it up!

  5. Thank you for all of your efforts on behalf of our community. I appreciate your approach to reporting news and offering ways for people to get involved; this is a refreshing change from other local rant-only sites (which can fun in small doses as well).

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