Seen In The Neighborhood

The fences have come down around the North Natomas Regional Park marking the end of Phase II landscaping. Development of a dog park is slated next.

The regional park has a long way to go before it will be complete, but THE BUZZ has to admit it’s nice to look at landscaping instead of weeds along its periphery and path.

The signage is a nice addition, too — tells us there really WILL be a regional park on the spot at some point!


  1. Hooray! Many of the dog lovers in the area are really looking forward to the dog park. Progress!

  2. Please come out and help us plant trees in 2 weeks.

  3. Is the dog park going to be built in the originally planned area? The Northwest corner of the park near N. Park and Broadwater?

  4. When I first saw the plans for this project I was very excited. ( As I drive by each day and see a little more progress I keep in mind how grand this area will be. With a sports field, outdoor concertarea, skate park, dog park and more this park will have soomething for everyone. This park is no doubt well planned out.

  5. umm..yeah…I hate to break it to you, but those ‘plans’ are usually FAAAR from the finished project…check out what burberry park was supposed to look like and compare it to what it is now. It makes me sad and mad all at once.

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