Sac PD’s Law Enforcement Youth Development Program

The Sacramento Police Department is starting a law enforcement youth development program.

The department is seeking a diversified group of young adults between the ages of 13 – 18 years old. These selected students must meet minimum requirements, such as a 2.0 GPA, leadership skills, school attendance, citizenship, and be interested in a possible career in law enforcement.

Potential candidates must fill out an application, receive permission from their parents (if under age 18), and pass an interview. Upon acceptance into the program the students will be assigned a law enforcement officer to help mentor them through the program.

This mentoring will guide them through academics and social experiences and direct them towards success in these areas. Successful students will have the opportunity to obtain part-time jobs as PSA’s, student trainees’, record clerks, and community service officers while going through the program.

If you have some students who you think fit into this category please contact either, Sergeant Shawn Rogers 808-0880, Officer Justin Brown 808-0887 or Officer Kris Sundby 808-0889.

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