Now, A Word From Our Congresswoman

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And a word from “Fix It Now” group founder, Scott Dosick:

Dear Natomas Residents/Stakeholders:

First, the good news. Congresswoman Matsui has secured an additional $4.1 million to spend THIS YEAR on fixing our levees.

Second, the bad news. There is still a LONG way to go on a process that keeps dragging on with delay after delay.

I have been in close and regular contact with Congresswoman Matsui’s office on this issue of Natomas’ flood protection. I am encouraged that she recognizes the “unacceptable” delays to this project and I look forward to working with her and YOU to ensure that our flood protection is restored to the level WE WERE PROMISED IT WAS ALREADY AT when we moved into this region.


PS If you are a Natomas home/business owner and haven’t already signed up for flood insurance, consider doing so ASAP. As I am sure you already know, when the new flood maps are released at the end of this year, flood insurance will become MANDATORY in Natomas at the non-preferred rate. If you sign up now, your policy goes into effect at the lower rate (around $300 instead of over $1200) for the first year. Talk to your insurance agent or go to

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