Seen In The Neighborhood: A Doggone Shame

Today’s Sac Bee featured a story about the city’s “hot” urban playgrounds for our canine friends.

Unfortunately, it looks like creating a dog park and maintaining it are not one and the same. A NATOMAS BUZZ reader recently wrote in to point out our own neighborhood dog park has gone untended in recent months and it’s starting to show — their letter and photos follow…

Recently the issue of our local dog parks was the topic. In regards to the city no longer supplying the dog waste bags I understand and support their effort to reduce costs. I however am upset in the current condition of our Regency dog park.

When the park opened this spring it was beautiful and a great place to let our dogs run free and play. In recent days it is becoming apparent that the condition of the park is quickly diminishing.

Throughout the circumference of the large dog area numerous sprinklers have not been installed properly thus prohibiting the amount of watering that is done in certain areas. There are several dead patches of grass, some measuring 10 feet around.

My concern is that during the first rainfall these areas will become giant mud puddles. There are several areas of mud (near the entrance and by the water fountain) that are nuisances now, I would hate to see what will happen to the rest of the park this winter.

I have called a couple of times to the parks number listed on the sign posted but to date I have seen no repairs done. Do you have any suggestions as to what I can do to have this issue remedied?

Natomas Dog Owner

Perhaps one of the many NATOMAS BUZZ readers from have an answer for this constituent?


  1. City of Sacramento is led by a person Heather Fargo who doesn’t follow through on commitments. This is only one is a growing list of failures in North Natomas. It is absolutely shocking that any Natomas resident could vote for this dingbat again

  2. While we agree park maintenance is lacking, we don’t think this qualifies as a “failure in North Natomas.”

    Be a part of the solution.

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one who is complaining – I wrote to Ray Trethaway tonight to discuss this issue and ask for his help. We’ll see, we’ll see.

  4. Are you guys effin kidding me? your complaining about a dog park! Lets get this straight…we are almost 60 mil in debt, fire houses are being closed, crime is going up, less police on the streets…etc etc and your complaining that the government does not supply you with a dog park and maintain it? How about owning a back yard…walking your dog around the block…you need the exercise anyways…how about getting a cat? Why the hell am I being forced through taxation to pay for a friggen dog park??? and yes I have THREE dogs!

    You folks in North Natomas are loony gated community whiners…no wonder our country is going down in flames…

    a dog park? @#%&*&^%$#!$!^@^!!!!!

  5. Grow up, Anonymous, or at least have the courage to sign your posts.

  6. Please don’t let the comments of two people influence your opinion of north Natomas. There are plenty of level-headed folks around here.

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