In The News: Natomas Home Invasion Series Hits Headlines Again

The Sacramento Police Department and Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department held a joint press conference yesterday morning to announce they have linked four unsolved home invasions to the same perpetrator through physical evidence.

One of the home invasions attributed to the suspect occurred in Natomas in June and at least three other crimes have been connected through evidence.

6/22/07 @ 10:50 a.m., area of Truxel/San Juan area, Home invasion. Victim was home alone and the suspect entered through an unlocked door and hid in the closet. Suspect confronted victim and forced her to drive to a bank and withdraw money from ATM.

8/15/07 @ 4 p.m., W. El Camino/Truxel area, Home Invasion/sexual assault. Victim was home alone and suspect knocked on door. The victim opened the door slightly and the suspect forced his way inside armed with a handgun. The suspect took items from the residence and sexually assaulted the victim. He also forced her to get money out of an ATM.

6/1/08 @ 3:40 p.m. in the area of Duckhorn/Far Niente, Home invasion. This is one of the home invasions described at the neighborhood crime meeting. Victim was home alone and suspect entered through an open garage door. The suspect had a gun and took valuables from the residence. Suspect was driving a white luxury vehicle – possibly a Mercedes or Infinity.

6/20/08 @ 10:20 a.m. in the area of Watt/El Camino, Home invasion/sexual assault (County Case). Victim was home alone and suspect entered through an open garage door. Suspect had a gun and demanded valuables and money. He sexually assaulted the victim to drive to an ATM.

The suspect in all of these cases is described as a Male Black Adult, 18-25 years old. He has been connected to all of these through evidence at the scene.

“We do not know the identity of the suspect – just that evidence from the scenes say it’s the same guy,” says police Capt. Daniel Hahn. “We are also still checking on other cases to see if he is connected to any more.”

News coverage after the press conference has been confusing to some just from reading headlines alone.

Two of the four home invasions linked to the same suspect occurred in the Natomas area while the other two were elsewhere, including one incident outside of Sac PD’s jurisdiction hence the joint press conference with Sac County Sheriff’s.

The suspect is reported to have sexually assaulted victims in two of incidents, one of which was in Natomas last year. Here’s what is being reported online and elsewhere:

Police: Suspect Linked To Natomas Home Invasions
CBS 13, CA – Sep 14, 2008
NATOMAS (CBS13) ― Four home invasions in the Natomas area have been linked to a single suspect, and some of his victims have been sexually assaulted
One person suspected in multiple Natomas robberies
Sacramento Bee, USA – Sep 14, 2008
By Jennifer Garza – [email protected] Four home invasions in the Natomas area have been linked to the same person, Sacramento law enforcement officials say
Cops: Natomas Home Invasion-Sex Assaults Linked to Lone Criminal, CA – Sep 14, 2008
SACRAMENTO, CA – Investigators have determined four Natomas area home invasion robberies and sexual assaults appear to be the work of a single attacker

Police: 4 Natomas Home Invasions Linked
KQCA,, CA – Sep 15, 2008
The assaults took place over a one-year period. Investigators are also looking into other unsolved home-invasion robberies in the area, Young added…

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