In The News: Fix This Park & Ose 0-2

The Sac Bee in its ongoing — and improved — coverage of the Natomas area (yay!) had this small, but notable item today about the state of Burberry Park, located off Club Center Drive:

The problem: An effort to replicate a natural-looking field in a portion of a North Natomas city park several years ago has failed. What was supposed to be a drought tolerant alternative to manicured soccer fields has turned into a waist-high field of invasive plants, including yellow star thistle. Neighbors complained that Burberry Park was a mess, the “natural area” an unkempt contrast to the tidy features in other parts of the 12-acre park: sport fields, a basketball court and picnic spots.

The response: Hindolo Brima, a spokesman for the parks department, said that a remodel of the nature area is upcoming, starting next spring. Drought-resistant plants and grasses native to the Central Valley will be brought in that will add color at various times of the year. Until then, the city has whacked the weeds to the ground.

And then there is this item in the Sacramento News & Review about politician and developer Doug Ose’s attempt to circumvent the city’s normal planning process in an effort to get his controversial Natomas Landing project approved and building permits issued before the December FEMA deadline:

But there was one big change in the normal planning process. City development staff told the commissioners that they would not be allowed to make a recommendation on the project—they could only offer their comments. Then it would be up to the mayor and city council to decide whether to approve the project.

“It was bizarre,” said commissioner Michael Notestine, who has put in more than 13 years on the planning commission. In that time, he says, city staff has never handled a project in this way.


  1. I’ve noticed the improved Bee coverage too. Hope they keep it up.

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