Seen In The Neighborhood: Something Exotic

The new Kobe Restaurant is now open in the shopping center located on the corner of Truxel and Arena. More interesting than that? The EXOTIC DANCE STUDIO which opened next door…


  1. Anonymous says

    Our family went to dinner there last week. The food is good and fresh (real snow crab for rolls, if you ask). There is a wide selection of foods if one is not into sushi. And they are toddler and small children friendly (kids menu and drawing boards to keep them occupied).

    Rather not have the poll dance studio right next door, but we will see…

  2. Anonymous says

    Okay, we drove by last night…the exotic store looks TACKY! Trixie

  3. I thought the strip clubs trained the girls, why the need to have a place for training, I hope this business does not cause problems. For years now we have had a real family type community, remember when we faught the Hooters at Park Place?? The owners tried to sneak that in.

  4. Pole dancing is the hot workout right now. It is supposed to be a very good workout. I don’t believe this studio is necessarily for strippers. It is for those women looking for a fun new workout. I don’t believe the business is going to cause problems.

  5. Have any of you been on YouTube? High school age girls are making videos of themselves dancing “naughty” and if they had a pole in front of their webcams they’d be using them. Every girl wants people to think she’s hot, and so do adult women. So a studio next door to a restaurant is NOT going to “cause problems” that aren’t already going on.

  6. who cares whats next to it… my friend and i just had lunch there today, we kinda just made jokes and laughed a bit about dance place next door, but when we got our food, all that was forgotten. this place has great variety of foods and pretty good prices. we got really full and even had leftovers, and all that for only $20, i would definetly recommend to try it out

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