Seen In The Neighborhood

The Mathnasium learning center has opened its doors for business in the Park Place Shopping Center.


  1. Hopefully this will be positive for the community, I am sure the business should thrive, looking at some of the test scores of Natomas Schools, probably thousands of kids should be waiting outside the door. How expensive is it, maybe community leaders can come up with a plan to offer aid to needy kids that could benefit from it, but have few resources to pay for it. It seems that the community can raise money twice to rebuild a burnt playground that will probably burn again, surely we can have a pancake breakfast fundraiser that makes our kids smarter and more likely to succeed.

  2. Mathnasium is a GREAT place. Kids really improve. It is a fantastic thing for the community to have such a wonderful program available for the students. As far as cost, Mathnasium charges are about half the cost of regular tutoring so it should be accessible to most people.

  3. Great to see new tutoring centers in and around Natomas. I heard recently Kumon Math and Reading has also started a center out there. It is good news for our kids and community.

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