Sacramento City 311

Sacramento City 311 Agents are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, even on holidays to assist with customer questions, intake and process requests for City services and are responsible for all after hour/weekend municipal emergencies aside from Police and Fire issues.

All you have to do is dial 311 (callers outside the city limits may still access our service by dialing 264-5011).

What can Sac City 311 Agents do?

  • Receive & process all calls for Code Enforcement (abandoned cars, graffiti, substandard housing, etc)
  • Receive, process & dispatch all calls for Animal Care (injured, stray, aggressive animals, etc)
  • Development Services Help Line: all calls for DSD are first routed to 311 for triage
  • Street Maintenance: receive and process all calls for potholes, cracked sidewalks, lighting problems, etc
  • Facility Maintenance: receive and process all work order requests related to repair/maintenance of City buildings
  • Citywide directory assistance and information about all things related to City services
  • Receive and process all calls requiring the response of a City crew for drains, water, solid waste, along with general inquiries
  • Accept credit card payments for Utility bills


  1. My question is, how long does it take them to respond to a complaint at the City? I’ve called and e-mailed about the light at Town Center and Del Paso. It’s really frustrating: the W/B to S/B left turn lane on Del Paso wasn’t finished right by the contractor, so it goes to a green even when no cars are present. The effect of this is that if you’re going E/B (like say, to go home after a really bad day) you sit for nothing, and then just barely (by like 5 seconds) miss the left green for Natomas Bl. The result of that is that you then miss every green light going up Natomas Bl. Apparently none of the street light people live in N. Natomas. Natomas Bl / Truxel Rd have the WORST stoplight timing I’ve ever seen (and that’s after 10+ years of being a delivery guy all over CA).

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