More Poop On Doggy Bags

From our friends at Fox 40:


  1. Poop bags? Who needs stinkin’ poop bags when we got Corian cat cages to buy? What’s the matter with you?

  2. Obviously the city council is more cat than dog loving, authorizing $300,000 for new cat cages yesterday. Both poop bags and cat cages are examples of why city and state budgets are in BIG trouble.

    The mentality of “I’m not responsible for my personal choices – let the government do it,” either has to change or we need to start raising taxes until people “get it” – being irresponsible is expensive.

  3. The whole picture sharing thing with Sheedy, and Hammond’s subsequent comment, are downright pathetic at this level of government. I am convinced Steve Cohn is the only good council person we have, but the jury is still out on him, too.

    Yes, it’s no secret why Sac is in trouble. Voters have elected imbeciles to run the city. And I don’t say that to be offensive; that is a factual, and quantifiable assertion, and even the most forgiving of you out there know it’s true at this juncture.

    The measure of the local govt’s effectiveness and competency should not be measured in good times. It should be measured when times get tough. And times are now tough, and we are seeing exactly how horrible these folks are at managing our city.

  4. Anyone catch the graffiti tag on the bag dispenser on the video, around 0:36 to 0:41? :-(

  5. Call me scoop!

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