July Stats Show Crime Down In Natomas

Although July showed increases in robberies in both North and South Natomas, no robberies were reported August 4-22.

The numbers at a glance:

  • North Natomas – July had the Lowest vehicle burglary (25) and stolen vehicle (15) totals all year.
  • South Natomas – July had the lowest residential burglaries (16), business burglaries (0), and 2nd lowest vehicle burglaries (20) all year.
  • South Natomas – Had the highest total of robberies (9) all year.
  • Gardenland/Northgate – Lowest residential burglary (8), and stolen vehicles (5) all year.

There have been several examples recently of us catching criminals because of neighbors calling in.

SOURCE: Sacramento Police Department


  1. This is no suprise..Jesus Christ it was hot during those two weeks…there is no way i’m leaving my air conditioned apartment (which is subsidized by you taxpayers)

  2. LOL! Hilarious comment, anonymous.

    I want to see the stats for the same time-frame last year. Let’s see ’em!

    Sacramento Police Department have been on a PR campaign ever since a few key web sites popped up (Joesacramento.com in particular) that called attention to the problems in Natomas. I still am left to wonder if there would have even been a crime meeting without all the hell Joe Sac raised on his site. Natomas can thank that squeaky wheel for all the attention is has got from law enforcement. Everyone else was acting like everything was kosher.

    I won’t believe anything has changed until all crime is down over an extended period. The crime rate is still totally unacceptable on every front.

  3. In the statistics published to the Natomas community last week, it is clear that great progress is being made in many crime categories throughout the Natomas basin — for example, stolen vehicles in North Natomas are down over 45% and vehicle burglaries are down over 22% in the past three months over the same period last year. However, there are some escalations, particularly the 180% increase in “unspecified robberies” over the past 3 months over last year in the North Natomas beat alone.

    I applaud SacPD’s efforts and successes in community oriented policing this year. It’s great to see progress — but we also need to maintain focus on the emerging issues our community is facing.

  4. Gee, really? I seem to recall the Natomas Buzz being the first to point out the series of armed robberies and home invasions.

  5. Thank you, SacPD for doing your job, BUT I am not celebrating just yet.

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