For The Dogs: Budget Cuts To The Bone

Update: According to city officials, within the next two weeks, the Department will work to phase out the provision of dog waste bags at all City parks, as was recommended in the Department’s budget reduction strategy.

Dog waste bag dispensers are being taken down at all parks and replaced with dispensers that allow residents to place their own or donated dog waste bags in them. Signs informing the public of this change will soon be up at all dog parks.

The cost savings is about $50,000.

It’s Now BYOB– Bring Your Own Bag

A NATOMAS BUZZ reader reports “no more bags for Sacramentans with dogs – it’s bring your own” when walking your best friend at city parks.

Apparently Sactown parks and rec officials are pulling out bag stands at parks everywhere throughout the city.

For dog parks, like the ones in Regency Park (pictured here), the city is trying to work with either Petsmart or Petco to get a grant to put in bag holders so people can donate bags for pet waste.

In the scheme of life, doggy poo bags probably are not a major expense in the city’s budget, but now they are gone, gone, gone…

“Tells me that other things are going too that might not be advertised to the general public,” our reader writes. “Just another example of the City trying to deal with this budget shortfall – yet another thing that was offered to us in our myriad parks that is no more.”


  1. I would definitely donate bags if it’s gonna be that big of a deal. Who knew that was a place to shave the city budget?

  2. Well we know where they got the money to count trees from…. So be carefule when you are looking up at our beautiful trees you don’t step on any landmines.

  3. I sure hope dog owners take the inititive to bring the bags if the city does not provide them, it will be really a shame if our small kids step in crap, due to lazy dog owners, what a stupid city, they spend millions building and maintaining parks, but can’t afford a plastic bag. Only in Sacramento.

  4. Also be sure to bring a kit w/ garden gloves, clipper and a garbage bag on your walkabouts: we residents are still evidently accountable for weeding and picking up others’ trash in our neighborhood parks. Frustrating? Yes. But, even though keeping up appearances is only a cosmetic fix, I’ve found it can help calm the ‘housing market nerves’ for now.

  5. If you own a dog, you walk it. If you walk your dog, you carry a bag to clean up its mess. I know there are people that don’t, but it’s not the city’s job to make sure you clean up after your pet. (That’s like blaming the school system because your kid’s a thug.)

    It’s a nice amenity, but I can at least understand why it’s being cut from the budget. And considering what’s being spent lately (tree counters?!) it’s refreshing to actually see that they’re nixing something that is, for all intents and purposes, needless.

  6. I always thought the free bags were a waste of tax payer money. Would we expect the city to provide free diapers for our kids poop? Why expect it for our dogs? If you are too lazy to bring a poop bag from home then keep your dog at home.

  7. The city provided them to encourage people to pick up dog waste. I think we will see a lot more poop and thus more flies in the neighborhood now.

  8. I think the co-sponsored used bag dispensers they are hoping to get will be great for those who DO think to bring their own bags. Maybe the dog park users can work with local supermarkets to snag their recycled plastic bags for the project too.

    It’s unfortunate that not everyone does bring a bag. Take one look at the current state of the park to know that many don’t. Having the bags there did reduce the waste.

  9. I am a dog owner who uses the Regency Dog Park at least twice a day. I have never understood why dog owners feel it is the city’s obligation to provide for their dogs. A truly responsible dog owner will have their own bags. I have calculated that if both my dogs live the average of 13 years I will have cleaned up after them 28470 times. I suggest buying those bags in bulk (grin).

    The regular dog owners at the park have developed a good community bond and no doubt have no problem pointing out to an owner when their dog has done its business or handing out the occasional bag for those who have forgotten theirs.

    The one big complaint I do have about the larger dog park is the condition of the grass. The west side of the park has become increasingly barren because the water sprinklers were not properly installed. Only small patches (about 1′ in dam) around the sprinklers are being watered. There are large sections surrounding the entrance and water fountain that are daily messes of mud. I do believe that is the city’s responsibility.

    It is sad to see a park that was beautiful just a few short months ago start to become an eye sore in the neighborhood.

  10. When they put the used bag dispensers in, I’ll be happy to go over there and donate some of my plastic grocery bags. These dispensers work well in other cities. Most dog lovers will donate a few extra bags for the people who forget to bring their own. This is a good way for the city to save some money. Kudos!

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