Where In Natomas?

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  1. Anonymous says

    No guess Needed, thats sams club! North freeway Blvd

  2. Anonymous says

    It looks like Sam’s Club eating area.

  3. sam’s club! condiments section near the soda fountain.

  4. Anonymous says

    Sam’s Club

  5. Anonymous says

    sam’s club

  6. Anonymous says

    This can only be Sam’s Club “Yuk” Deb.

  7. Sam’s

  8. How’d you guys get in my garage?

  9. Anonymous says

    If it looks like Sam’s…. it must be Sam’s!
    Looks like a typical day over there, messy and no more mustard.

  10. Anonymous says

    I was surprised so many knew that was sam’s, must be good dogs over there. I hope our kid’s don’t eat there often, or is that why so many kids are fat.

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