Seen In The Neighborhood

An arrest made on Cagney Way @ Cashman Circle in the midnight hour:

A Cagney Way resident spotted an unusual vehicle at 10:30PM on his street. He called it in to Paladin dispatch which sent four units within 7 minutes to investigate.

A man in a white Chrysler 300 parked across the street from the park was caught behaving inappropriately with an underage female picked up at a nearby gas station, with the promise of giving her a ride home.

The suspect was booked in to Sacramento County Jail on Kidnapping, Rape and Lewd Activity with a Child Under 14 (all felonies).

“Once again, the system worked out in this case: Active Neighbors, Available Security & Responsive Police. But for the invovlement of this Cagney resident, we’d likely have not prevented the furtherance of these crimes.”

-Matt Carroll, Paladin Security


  1. Anonymous says

    I love Paladin…trixie

  2. Great job for keeping an eye out and doing the right thing!

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