Red Rover, Red Rover Send A Gardener On Over!

There has been a lot of online chatter about all the short sales, foreclosures and bank repos in Natomas.

The main cause for concern? Front yards like this one spotted
by THE BUZZ on Archcrest.

What’s a neighbor to do?

First off, contact the listing agent and let them know the condition of the property. Second, if the home is located within the boundaries of a homeowner’s association, report it to them as well. And, third, homes within the city limits can be reported to the Sacramento code enforcement division.

But honestly, what folks have found to be most affective? Adopt the yard next door. Water it, mow it. Not only will this help your neighborhood look better, but it’s good karma!

Update: Check out this NATOMAS BUZZ post from December for Sac County tips on how to handle foreclosed homes…


  1. Anonymous says

    When I called the listing agent of a foreclosed home on my street I was told “You just made more work for me.” Also code enforcement will not do anything until there is no more green and the lawn is a fire hazard. (Their words.) Maybe if we all start calling and complaining, the city will finally do something. Of course it would be easier to just adopt the yard, and I would, if the house was located directly next to me. In our case the house was located 4 doors down. Thankfully a family just bought it and are now fixing it up, and the lawn is green again!

  2. Anonymous says

    I went running yesterday and passed a house that has a fire hazard as a front lawn. The lawn is all dead and now crunched under your feet. It is the last house on Mabry before you hit the vacant courtyard lots across from the proposed park before you hit the Hamptons development. I do not have the address, but this would be a “prime” code enforcement call if anyone lives nearby.

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