Numbers You Should Know

Emergency (police, fire, medical):

  • From a regular telephone (“land line”): 911
  • From your cell phone: 732-0100

Non-emergency (police only): 264-5471

Paladin Private Security (Natomas Park only): 331-3175


  1. For those wondering why it is not advisable to call 911 in an emergency from a cell phone — that’s fine if you’re on the freeway, because mobile 911 calls are handled by CHP dispatchers. If it is deemed to be an issue within the city limits and beyond CHP’s scope, you will be transferred to our police emergency dispatch center here in Sacramento.

    It is best to avoid the inevitable delay.

  2. In addition, the 911 dispatch for cell phones also goes through a lengthy answering cue now. You’ll get a recorded message and hold first, sometimes as long as 90 seconds. That’s a long time to wait if there’s a guy in your house.

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