Last Night Was Awesome

Photo by Jonathan Burke.
As a Natomas resident for nearly seven years, THE BUZZ thinks the community meeting last night kicked it!

The standing-room only 450+ crowd more than demonstrated how north, south, east and west neighborhoods will come together in the face of adversity. From the Guardian Angels to KJ, seems like everyone was there…

We don’t pretend to have the answers to why teens are (a) getting their hands on firearms and (b) sticking up people for cell phones, but we do agree with Capt. Hahn that community can be a force for change.

As promised at last night’s meeting, we will be posting copies of the handouts some time today.

p.s. Anyone else notice Natomas on the front page of the Sac Bee this morning? F-i-n-a-l-l-y.


  1. Agreed the meeting was a step in the right direction, but not sure of its actually value yet. I was disappointed by the number of people who left only an hour into it when it was still in full swing. One’s thing’s for sure though: had we been in Arco Arena that only seats 17,000, that 450+ crowd would have seemed tiny–especially considering our pop. is nearing 100,000 in Natomas. But I agree it is EXCELLENT to see the coverage AND see the cops’ stepped up efforts. I’m going to keep the champagne on ice until I see long term change–I know that doesn’t bode well with a lot of people :( So thanks for keeping it upbeat Buzz!

  2. Pat yourselves on the back for a great turnout and some tough questions. Clearly, your networking is right on target. From afar, we’ve admired your spirit in other past neighborhood issues. Too often a burglary is mislabeled a “robbery” but those of you who have had weapons threaten you, neighbors or family members, know its a very violent crime that go bad in a heartbeat.

    Speaking for Sacramento Community Watch, I want to offer support and any help we can be. Criminals don’t respect boundaries …. we share many of them.

    Here’s a standing invitation to join our revitalized Public Safety Workgroup on You may even find it useful for your own groups and promote The Buzz as well. Visit or join at

    We’re happy to support you at as well. It was nice meeting some of you Monday night. Let’s keep real and on a roll. “There is no limit to the good you can do… if you don’t care who gets the credit.
    General George C. Marshall and President Ronald Reagan

    Dave Jenest – webmaster
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