Districts Puts Community Day School Plan On Hold

The Natomas Unified School District board of trustees last night voted unanimously to delay opening a community day school program in August.

The decision came after nearly two hours of discussion and public testimony about the June 18 decision to start a program for at-risk students and plans to place it temporarily on the H. Allen Hight Learning Center campus in the Creekside neighborhood.

About 30 people attended the meeting and at least a dozen testified during the public comment portion of the proceedings. Nearly all comments boiled down to the same thing: members of the community were not against starting a community day school but wanted to be involved in the process which should not be rushed to “meet some arbitrary deadline.”

Trustees voted (DwyerVoss was absent from the meeting) to delay opening a community day school and to send those students who were slated for the program to one operated by the Sacramento County Office of Education.

The board also approved hiring a full-time employee responsible for keeping a school district connection with these students in an effort to transition them back to a program in Natomas in the future.

Also approved was holding community meetings seeking input when developing the community day school. The board of trustees asked to revisit the issue in three months.


  1. Anonymous says

    The community was right on implying that there was some arbitrary deadline to be met. Now the district and community can plan a program that is better prepared and ready with resources. But the question is, what will the district be cutting to hire another another administrator for monitoring those students? Maybe they can use the money they recover from Mr. Hardings shennanigans.

  2. Yeah, make Harding pay for the full time head count needed.

    Anyone remember that horrific land deal he made for us? Ugh. Makes me sick

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