Another One Bites The Dust

The Promenade shopping center just can’t hold onto ’em…

First, it was L&L Hawaiian BBQ, then it was Johnny Rockets and now the Starbucks is slated to go according to an article in the Sacramento Business Journal.

As much as we love coffee, we have to admit having — what, SEVEN? — Starbucks within the immediate area is a bit much. So we’re not surprised at least one Natomas store is on the chopping block.

Developers take note: The neighborhood can only support so many coffee shops — chain or otherwise. Something to keep in mind.

A full list of closures can be found here.


  1. Things I’d like to see in these smaller shops (but the competition would kill them)
    1. A neighborhood hardware store (like Ace downtown)
    2. A neighborhood specialty book store
    3. More places to have breakfast
    4. Trader Joe’s
    5. More ethnic food (Ethiopian, West African, Indian)

    And other things along that line. If this is supposed to be a livable, walkable area, you really need the smaller commercial centers to have places to walk to…

  2. Anonymous says

    Since developers/businesses don’t seem to do market surveys anymore, other things we don’t need more of:

    1. burger joints
    2. pizza places
    3. sandwich shops
    4. restaurant chains
    5. big stores like walmart/target, etc.

    Come on! Bring some personality to Natomas! It’s really NOT appealing to have every single strip mall look and be the same.

    In addition to Hanh’s suggestion, I would like to suggest:

    1. a higher-end grocery store such as Whole Foods or Nugget.
    2. More open space (let’s turn some of those fields into something beautiful if we must develop them).
    3. What about a community garden area where people lease garden plots?
    4. a good taqueria would be nice too

  3. Anonymous says

    a female perspective…enough manicure/pedicure shops, already!!

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