And Some Don’t…

Shortly after our previous post, THE BUZZ got a call from Bruce — a NATOMAS BUZZ reader, Natomas Park neighbor, and fellow Heron Traffic Calming Committee member.

Bruce called to let us know he had taken a graffiti removal kit provided to him by the city to clean the tagging off our mailbox and nearby utilities monument. One minute the ugliness was there, the next it was gone.

To find out more about Sactown’s anti-graffiti policy, check out the city’s website and brochure about its Graffiti Abatement Program.

“Once you sign up the city has been very helpful to deliver the supplies to your door and provide spray, gloves, scrub pad and a T-shirt and when re-fills are needed they re-stock you within a day or two,” says Bruce. “The clean up took about 5 minutes — just spray, scrub and wipe off the mess.”

Just gotta say:
You rock Bruce!


  1. Anonymous says

    Good on ya! There’s some positive civic momentum in these parts lately. Keep it up.

  2. Anonymous says

    I was riding my bike there with my kids and was expecting to see the ugliness. Thank you Bruce for making it a pleasant ride!

  3. Anonymous says

    Maybe we can get together a group of us to help Bruce – we’ll help be graffiti busters!

  4. This is awesome! Nice work, Bruce!

    But please — do not post pictures of the tags themselves — you’re only glorifying the work of the vandal. If you do decide to post, blur or pixelate the image so that it is not recognizable.

    And also, be aware that some tags are gang-related. (I do not believe this one is.) It could be considered unwise to identify oneself as the remover of such tags.

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