Now That’s What I’m Talkin’ About




During a recent visit to Redbud Park, Natomas Park residents Curtis and Tristan Godt were disappointed to see how it had been “let go.”

So the couple took matters into their own hands this past weekend! They weeded, then sprayed, tossed on some weed and feed, and laid the bark.

Pictured here is evidence of their handiwork.


  1. Go with Godt! :-D

    I’m so pleased that Tristan and Curtis have such a “can do” attitude about making our community a nicer place.

    And, yet, it’s disappointing that our city has let us down. I find that with very few exceptions, the “worker bees” at the city are dedicated, hardworking men and women who care about serving the community… But our city council’s fiscal and land use decisions affecting Natomas over the past several years leave so much to be desired.

    The Godts shouldn’t have to do this… But I’m glad they do.

  2. Anonymous says

    Nice job! It’s too bad the city (or its contractors) can’t do its job and maintain our parks. We shouldn’t have to be doing it ourselves.

  3. Agreed. Pretty sure we Natomas homeowners pay landscape and lighting fees to maintain our parks, easements, etc.

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