New Stop Signs — Love ‘Em Or Leave ‘Em?

The sign before the overpass…

From our South Natomas readers:

Stop signs were recently installed at the West El Camino exit off Interstate 80 — in both directions.

The new signs have traffic stop prior to driving across the overpass and again on the other side.

Previous to installation of said signs, vehicles exiting the freeway at West El Camino often backed up during peak traffic times.

So far, reviews of the new signs are mixed, but when THE BUZZ drove by to check them out, traffic did seem to move pretty steadily.

… and the one after.


  1. I’ve been using this daily to get the kid to school. If you are coming off the freeway, it’s great. However, if you’re using the surface streets (like me), it has added 10 minutes to the trip.

    The major problem is the trucks coming out of the truck stop who have trouble getting into gear to get speed up.

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