KJ Meets With Creekside

Candidate-for-mayor Kevin Johnson was in Natomas tonight to attend the Creekside HOA meeting tonight.

KJ reportedly asked to attend the monthly Creekside Neighborhood Association meetings. The former NBA star spent about an hour having a very open conversation with Creekside neighbors and reps from neighboring homeowner groups.


  • KJ’s top priority citywide is public safety. He has some ideas about he wants to do to achieve that goal.
  • Second priority is education. His mechanism for supporting education in Sacramento is to create partnerships with other entities (like school districts, after-school programs, etc.).
  • Third priority is the business community. His focus is on small businesses and maintaining an environment conducive to growing business. He wants to keep the businesses we have and also recruit new ones.

Those at the meeting gave the mayoral candidate lots to think about: crime and safety, firehouses, more police, built out parks (particularly the Regional lot), vacant homes and businesses, code enforcement, taxes and finances allocated to Natomas, community centers, sub-stations, the master plan, inclusionary housing…

At the same time, those from the community pointed out our neighborhood’s positives: wonderful neighbors, active grassroots community leadership, passionate efforts, open and widespread communication, and hope.

Sources tell THE BUZZ, KJ did not know a lot about North Natomas, but he seemed interested to learn.

Said one neighborhood leader who attended, “In all, the exchange was overdue but exciting and hopefully a start to more interest from the candidates in what is important to Natomas.”


  1. Anonymous says

    I bet KJ now knows more about N Natomas than Fargo.

  2. Anonymous says

    Can someone please tell me when I missed all the things KJ was going to do for North Natomas? Is he going to revitalize us like Oak Park? I see more anti-Heather than Pro-KJ. What did I miss?

    And when I met KJ at my door in North Natomas, he admitted he didn’t know much about Natomas other than there was a North and South.

  3. Who has KJ’s email address? We need to hook him up to The BUZZ, what better way for him to learn about the real issues in North Natomas.

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