How Did Natomas Vote?

Sac Bee has posted an interactive map online which reportedly shows how folks voted in Sactown’s mayoral primary.

From the looks of it, KJ had the lead in North Natomas and North-Central Natomas with 56% and 54.9% of the vote, respectively.

On the other hand, Mayor Heather Fargo had 44.6% of the vote in South Natomas, where she resides.

One NATOMAS BUZZ reader asked whether there was a “better” candidate for Natomas.

We are disappointed Mayor Fargo’s camp did not submit answers to our questionnaire meant to shed light on all the candidates’ vision for our neighborhood.

We are curious to know why area residents voted the way they did. Click “comments” and share your thoughts.


  1. Anonymous says

    I voted against Heather & company.

    According to this mornings Bee, the only area she had a clear majority was downtown. The results indicated that the out lying areas felt nelected – unhappy – not part of the vision for Sacramento.

    Sacramento is more than downtown. The mayor and City Council need to take the results of this weeks voting seriously, changing their focus to include ALL of Sacramento in a healthy, safe vision for the future.

  2. Anonymous says

    It looks obvious to me that Sacramento is unhappy with Mayor Fargo. Maybe some are not pro-KJ, but it definitely looks like we are pro-change! I think we should give KJ a chance!


    Is it a surprise Fargo is a charter member of the Downtown Partnership? Non profit group DEVOTED to downtown, and no other part of the city.

    Have you read the lawsuit a Sac resident has filed against them for unilateral decisions about downtown development?

    Fargo doesn’t care about N Natomas. She herself said N Natomas is already too ‘ugly’ for a magazine cover, so why would she want to annex further North?

    Sorry to be so boldly outspoken here, but anyone in N Natomas who could vote for Fargo at this point is either not getting out much or completely oblivious to the commitments the city made to us and have broken.

    Don’t wait til it’s too late, N Natomas. Demand better for our community.

    Go Natomas!


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