Governator Urges Californians NOT To Buy Fireworks This July 4

At a press conference earlier today, Gov. Schwarzenegger urged Californians not to buy fireworks this year because of the fires currently ravaging the state.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Our Governor has recommended a $4.8 billion cut for K-14 education, on top of a $400 million reduction for education in the current year.

    While I certainly understand where our Governor is coming from in terms of safety in this overtly dry summer we’re experiencing, the monies earned from fireworks booths provide a means for qutie a few of our area schools to pay for items and services (atlases, maps, books, sports equipment and more) that are not approved in a normal budget year.

  2. Anonymous says

    I disagree. Common sense should tell people not to use fireworks, especially this year.

  3. Consider donating direct! Skip the fireworks purchase and donate directly to non-profits, schools, and other fine organizations. It’s a bad fire year and the fireworks booths perched on the edges of dry, expansive fields aren’t comforting.

  4. At very best, schools make about 25% profit on the fireworks. If you’re going to spend $100, just give the $100 directly to the school and watch a professional show downtown.

    I used to run a fireworks booth for a school fundraiser. We made decent money but a lot goes to pay for security, equipment, product and supplies. The schools would make so much more and we’d save money on the fire department overtime too!

    What does blowing stuff up have to do with being American anyway? I’d say equal opportunity and a quality education is much more an American ideal.

  5. Anonymous says

    I agree with the request. Why risk having more fires, more smoke in the air, etc.? The professional shows are so much better. You can go and watch and come home. There is no fireworks litter to clean up or burn injuries to contend with. Give your money directly to the organization of choice!

  6. Anonymous says

    Oh, come on! It is a tradition to sit in the driveway lighting up smoke bomb after smoke bomb. The sirens, the sparkles, the shrieks of joy from kids and grown-ups alike. I’m not saying we are doing it again this year, but what a sad time for us to not enjoy this past time…Trixie

  7. Anonymous says

    With the current problems with unsupervised juveniles in Natomas, why are we even taking the risk of having these booths put up?? From our house we hear fireworks for weeks after the 4th has come and gone because kids get a hold of them and are not being watched. Personally, I am sick of the problems that come along with fireworks every single year. Are we going to wait until one of our homes goes up in flames to realize explosives and kids do not mix?? Get rid of them like so many other California counties have already had the sense to do!

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