Back With A Vengeance!

Shots Fired At Illegal Dance Club

NATOMAS BUZZ readers may recall our story about the illegal teen dance club at Del Paso Road and Northgate a few months back.

Well, a large party held at — or very near — the same venue over the weekend got out of hand and ended with multiple shots being fired.

The warehouse in question is located within the bounds of Sacramento County and the Sheriff’s Department first responded to the call of a large, unruly party around 11:50 p.m. Saturday.

“There were numerous shots fired in the area and they called for backup from us,” reports Sacramento police Capt. Daniel Hahn. “We sent several patrol officers to assist.”

Cars leaving the area drove to the Fry’s Electronics and In-and-Out Burger parking lots and Sheriff’s deputies located a vehicle at the In-and-Out burger parking lot with fresh bullet holes in the side.

Law enforcement officers determined someone in a car had brandished a handgun at the AM/PM gas station located at Northgate Boulevard and Del Paso Road, across the street from the infamous warehouse.

The car was stopped at Del Paso Rd and Main Avenue and officers found approximately five people inside along with a stolen handgun. A juvenile was arrested for possessing the weapon.

“Last time this county location cropped up with illegal parties in the warehouse, our watch commander contacted the Sheriff’s watch commander and the Sheriff’s watch commander acted quickly and the parties were shut down,” says Hahn. “There were also several (community members who) contacted county officials regarding this issue that also helped bring an end to these parties.”

“We will make contact with the Sheriff’s Department on the latest issue and expect to get this under control quickly like last time.”

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