Well, That Just Sucks

What’s left of Jenny Hale’s ode to nature at Burberry Park after vandals destroyed it.

Burberry Park is located at Mabry and Burberry in Natomas Park and is one of several Art in Public Places sites in the city.

Apparently, during a recent weekend gathering at the park, several youth used large rocks to destroy the park’s original installment created by artist Jenny Hale of Chico.

What once looked like three shimmering pools has now been reduced to mere rubble.


  1. Anonymous says

    Im sure they will just the the weeds overtake it and call it another “Natural Area”.

    Seriously though, why should we expect the city to provide us with anything nice, when its clear that the residents (or visitors) dont care for it. First Kokomo Park, now this?

    Or, maybe it was just short sighted of the city to put something so fragile in an area where it could not be protected?

  2. Anonymous says

    Please don’t blame Kokomo Park on the residents. We are the ones who are fighting for it. With the exception of the unsupervised group of kids (who I suspect are from the same few homes) much of the damage is being caused by outsiders coming in to our community to use the park. The city needs to step up and limit the usage of the park as well as ensure patrons are leaving as the sun goes down. (per the signs that say it’s a dawn until dusk park.)

  3. Anonymous says

    WHat a shame. I loved seeing my kids pretending on the “artwork”. When I first saw it however, I did think it was an accident, or shall I say, a crime, waiting to happen. A nice big expensive piece of rock in a big park at night with no supervision? Too much to pass up for those elements of our society. Glad we pay for Security patrol. Perhaps it occurred during one of their naps. :-)Ooh – I forgot that only happens while they are driving.

  4. Anonymous says

    Hey now…play nice. Paladin is not actually allowed into the parks since they carry loaded guns and tasers. We can once again thank the city for NOT following thru with repeated requests to get Paladin an MOU to enter the parks. Trixie

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