This Record Doesn’t Spin Anymore

Not So Hot, Dawg…

According to a BUZZ reader, it looks like Hot Dog Music near Safeway has closed.

“I happened to walk by it on Friday during their normal business hours and the door was locked with no one inside,” writes in Paul Johnson. “Posted on the door is a notice of abandonment from Lewis (the property owners). All the CDs on the shelves are gone and very little of the counter stock is left.”

Hot Dog Music was a relatively brand-new record to the neighborhood. Most recently, it was voted one of KCRA Channel 3’s top 5 record stores.

Hot Dog Music prior to its closure.


  1. I was very sad to see the store close, especially so soon. Mike (the owner) really seemed to have a lot of passion to make it work, and I had confidence that if anyone knew how to make it happen, he would, given his long tenure in the music marketing business.

    He took a big risk and I hope he’s OK.

    We lost a jewel. Unfortunately, I doubt many knew the jewel was even there in the first place.

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