Sayin’ It Like It is

Check out this post by another Sacramento-area blogger on building a new arena for the Kings/Monarchs at Cal Expo.

Never mind the impact on businesses here in North Natomas — think the eateries — which rely on the traffic basketball games and other Arco Arena events bring to the neighborhood…


  1. Anonymous says

    No kidding! I can’t imagine going to see a game over there with all the traffic that already exists! They are all crazy! Trixie

  2. Anonymous says

    I was just thinking this same thing coming home from the Monarch’s game on Saturday. The restaurants were packed. WHat is wrong with building it in Natomas anyway? Why the rush to Arco? I just dont get it. Obviously someone is set to make some money somewhere and we are not privy to the information. What is the difference if the NBA builds it at the Cal Expo and if they build it in Natomas. Same difference to them. Even closer to the airport for the visiting team, media etc. This whole thing is fishy to me.

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