Out Of The Fire & Into The Pan(handle)

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Readers: This post has been updated with corrected information.

After months of being tabled (five times, to be exact) the public hearing on the controversial Panhandle Project was finally closed at the Sac City Council meeting held April 29.

According to the meeting summary, there was no public comment at the meeting. Councilmember Sheedy moved to close the public hearing and Councilmember Waters seconded the motion. Councilmembers Cohn, Hammond and Fong were reported absent.

The motion carried and the Panhandle Project will be revisited at a meeting in the future.


  1. Anonymous says

    Another under the table deal. Another reason not to vote for Fargo.

  2. Anonymous says

    Yes – it seems like we dont have much choice for mayor. Someone making back door deals and someone misusing his trust with families. Perhaps my vote will go to Padilla! Just kidding….but really, cant we do better with our candidates for mayor? THis is pathetic.

  3. Anonymous says

    more inclusionary housing!! Exactly what Natomas DOESN’T NEED

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