Holy Macaroni & Cheese, Batman!

[Japanese mudslinging]

The Sac Bee reports:

Fargo calls for Johnson investigation to be reopened

Sacramento Mayor Heather Fargo is calling for the reopening of a police investigation into a Sacramento High School teacher’s report last year that a 17-year-old student told him she was inappropriately touched by Kevin Johnson, then an administrator at the charter school…

Click here to read the “breaking news” story! Some of the reader comments are hIlArIoUs!

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  1. Anonymous says

    can we please fire Heather Fargo now?

  2. Anonymous says

    Only 14 more days and we can vote her out! Meet ya there! Trixie

  3. Anonymous says

    We cannot have a pedophile for mayor. Look at his character: he pays people off and micromanages his enterprises to the point they become unsuccessful. Get real people. You think there is corruption now? You haven’t seen nothin’ yet. Go with the devil you know.

  4. Anonymous says

    wow…so much for innocent until proven guilty… Or even innocent when investigated and proven innocent, eh?

  5. Anonymous says

    Sorry – I work with several people who have worked with him and know his character very well. It’s not a good report at all. When you have the inside story, it all makes sense what is only allowed to be hinted at in the media. (Amazing what you can pay to get buried.) It’s all true and it’s all bad. Bad news for our city if he is somehow elected. Trust us.

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