A Word From Our Candidates

NATOMAS BUZZ readers may recall a post earlier this month about a planned interview with Mayor Heather Fargo — at the request of Fargo’s reps.

Unfortunately, our interview with Fargo scheduled for May 19 was canceled the afternoon before and efforts to schedule a telephone interview did not come to fruition.

So THE BUZZ offered to send Fargo’s camp a questionnaire and after last week’s candidate forum, we decided to give candidates Kevin Johnson and Leonard Padilla a chance to answer the same questions.

All three candidates were provided the same questions and given a deadline of noon Tuesday, May 27. Padilla’s responses were returned three hours early. Johnson’s came in two hours later — still 45 minute before the noon deadline.

More than four hours after the deadline, THE BUZZ received the following message from Fargo’s campaign rep Dale Howard, “We have every intent of getting your answers done, but we’ll need more time. Sorry for the delay.”

24 hours later we have yet to receive anything from Fargo and so, to be fair to the candidates who met the deadline, we shall press forward.

As requested by THE BUZZ, many of our readers e-mailed questions they wanted posed to Mayor Fargo.

Creekside HOA prez Angelique Ashby wrote, “It seems to me that the over-arching issue in Natomas is a fundamental gap in service expectation between the community and the city — meaning that the community members have expectations to receive and or have access to resources that the City either is not, does not or will not provide at the level the community wants…”

With that in mind, THE BUZZ asked candidates to address how they view the Natomas neighborhood, whether they felt there were any specific issues facing our community, what those issues are, and what their solutions — as Mayor — would be.

THE BUZZ is pleased to present the candidates’ responses to these questions and look forward to hearing what our readers think.

Read this doc on Scribd: kjquestionnaire

Read this doc on Scribd: Natomas buzz questionaire


  1. Good one, Buzz. Thanks.

    Looks like KJ either doesn’t know, or intentionally skipped specificity about reason for high crime in Natomas. Hope it is the former.. which isn’t only slightly more desirable than the latter.

    Crime is always tied to socio-economic factors. KJ knows that. I would think he would also know that N Natomas has been the city’s dumping ground for low income housing. ?

    That said, KJ is very PC, so perhaps he has political reasons for not keeping it real with his answer. I’d sure like to hear him acknowledge the low income housing situation, though.

    About the North Natomas Financial Fund.. good to see him acknowledge. Several of us have blogged about this and I for one sent copies of my articles to KJ and others. Glad to see him acknowledge.

    Regardless, If he does become mayor, N Natomas residents will hold him to these commitments. I think this election has peeled a lot of skin off the N Natomas onion. And while the aroma is a bit rancid, change starts with awareness so I consider it a GOOD thing.

    Thanks again

    Joe Joe Joe

  2. I appreciate that KJ is at least aware of some of the problems in North Natomas. Considering the blunders of Fargo and she’s FROM here, it’s refreshing that he has some sense of the situation.

    Padilla… wow. That’s all I can say.

  3. Anonymous says

    I am excited by the answers KJ gave. He has a least done his homework and seems committed to Natomas. I especially liked what he had to say about bringing employment here. Unfortunately he didn’t stay at the forum last week long enough to answer the residents questions – or he would have heard Fargo comment that there should be more EC development for us. Funny thing…the planning commission and city council should have been protecting the EC all along instead of allowing the developers to rezone in favor of low income and high density housing. I’m with Joe – it would be nice for KJ to get the chance to answer questions about how/if he can change the city ordinance regarding dumping all inclusionary only on Natomas. Thanks for getting the goods, BUZZ!

  4. I think KJ has good intentions. He kind of reminds me of Arnold when Arnold first arrived on the political scene. Both of them have what I will call an “acupuncture” communication style in that they know where all the pain points are, and know just the right amount of buzz words to make them look credibility for a little while. But the longer they talk, the more you realize they don’t know as much as they’d like you to think they know— which is prob why KJ bolted early from the S Natomas forum.. he had to be home by midnight…

  5. Anonymous says

    “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

  6. Anonymous says

    Zactly. I never said he was the “buzz” and would be the best mayor ever. I just believe there is no way he POSSIBLY could do WORSE than Fargo has. She is a PR campaign with no quit. Did you see the Kiplinger report on mt site ranking sac 8th best city? Does it sound like Fargo gave them the write-up or what?

    I love this city, but let’s PLEASE be honest about its shortcomings and hold our local government accountable for addressing them. Enough with the sugarcoating!


  7. Anonymous says

    And please don’t stick your head in the sand. We know he isn’t above paying people off and performing illegal take-overs. We know he is a poor manager and ill-equipted to run anything of his own successfully. Why should we fantasize that he would be any different as mayor? No thanks. I’ll take someone who is earnestly trying every day – despite an inadequate city council, over blatant corruption. Trust.

  8. Anonymous says

    I love reading all the commentary but sometimes it seems like some posts are written by staff of candidates themselves. How about using your real names, or at least a nickname like me…Trixie

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