What Can Be Done About Kokomo Park?

A North Natomas mom sent the following to area MOMS Club members after a recent visit to Kokomo Park in Creekside.

I just wanted to pass along a warning about Kokomo Park. Last week Nicholas and I had a horrible experience playing there:

  1. Some kids stole his sand toys — it was an obvious theft (they waited until we went to the car and took off with them).
  2. I have strong reasons to believe there were drug deals going on while we were there.
  3. Of the three times we’ve been there, there have been unattended/unsupervised young children playing there.

I will never go to that park again and highly recommend that you avoid it as well for your own safety.

Kokomo Park has been subject to vandalism almost since its opening. What do you think the community do to clean it up and make it safer?

Community leaders respond:

“I am very sorry to hear about the negative experience that this family had at Kokomo Park. Kokomo is the neighborhood park in Creekside. We have many families who actively participate in the ongoing effort to help our little community reach its potential.

This park is a beautiful place – no doubt the reason you originally took your little one there to play. We have worked diligently as a neighborhood association to keep the park maintained.

All of our equipment is nice and well kept. The sand box is cleaned regularly and the rolling grass fields are green as can be. We even have some unique artwork to be proud of in Kokomo Park.

However, we have also had our challenges with graffiti and vandalism. What I can tell you is that problems that have been reported to the City and/or the police have been promptly addressed.

I would encourage anyone who sees graffiti to contact code enforcement at 808-5948 and anyone who sees unattended children to report that to the police [the non-emergency number is 264-5471 and if the problem is an imminent danger or risk then please call 911].

Kokomo is a busy — very busy park. The parks and recreation department has worked with our community to reduce the numbers of permits issued and increase the amount of maintenance because the park is over-used for its size and design.

The consensus of our community is that this little park is a substitute for the large regional park that is to come in North Natomas [just a block or two away].

Kokomo has so much to offer with the wide range of amenities and is very visible from the main streets of Del Paso and I-5, that is why we are challenged with so many visitors.
I want to apologize on behalf of the community for the negative experience you and your son encountered.

I also want to invite you back. I have a three year old son and at least two of our other Board members have children under the age of 4 as well.

We would love to arrange a play date and an opportunity to meet you and hopefully introduce you to the side of Kokomo that we have experienced and will continue to fight for – a family friendly environment open to everyone!”
-Angelique Ashby, President
Creekside Neighborhood Association
[email protected]

“It is very unfortunate that a mom and her son had a bad experience in this park.

I would be very interested in getting more information (especially the drug dealing) about what happened/ happens in this park (ie times of drug dealing, area of the park, age etc.).

I am very concerned since this mother wants to essentially abandon the park, although very understandable in view of what happened to her.

Maybe the community can set up a way for several moms to go to the park at set times to discourage the bad element from being there… the more positive things we have there and the sooner we do it, the less a foot hold the bad element can have in the park.

We cannot let this park be taken over by bad folks. My contact is dhahn (at) pd (dot) cityofscramento (dog) org. “

-Captain Daniel Hahn


  1. Anonymous says

    We’ve been to this park too and had many different experiences, some good, some bad… One major design flaw is that they put the basketball courts so close to the playground. The foul language that comes from the people playing basketball around little children amazes me, I’ve never seen or heard anything like that. And I’m certainly not going to say anything as I am afraid of what the reaction would be. So we only go to this park when there are no teens or adults playing basketball… or better yet, we choose another park. Northborough is very similar and a very nice park with none of the negative elements of Kokomo.

  2. Anonymous says

    I think it is unfortunate that this mom had a bad experience, however this is not just a problem at Kokomo Park and I feel it is unfair to single this park out as unsafe. That gives all of Creekside a negative image. There are wonderful people here who care about our community and North Natomas as a whole. Just look at the pictures of the clean-up that was put together. All of us living in North Natomas can improve our community. I have called the police while at other parks when I suspect crime or vandalism is taking place. I have informed the agency that deals with grafitti so they can get it cleaned up in a timely manner. We are all capable of using these resources to make our community safer for everyone. Suggesting that people stay away from Kokomo Park lets the negative element win! It is a very nice park that deserves to be fought for.

  3. I just came across this blog, but would recommend those who are concerned with the activities in our parks and community to call Paladin Security and let them take the front line. (Sorry, Sac PD, but you’re to slow to respond; hours vs. minutes with Paladin)

    I live close to a park, and it seems during the summer, and especially on Friday/Saturday nights, I find a need to call them in regards to suspicious activity. In the years that I’ve lived close to the park, and through vigilantly calling, I’ve seen a decrease in ‘nighttime’ activity.

    I can’t believe that someone would willingly abandon a park to thugs. We pay for parks & rec through our taxes, and security through our HOA – use the services which are available to you.

  4. I live in the Homecoming Apartments and they have a neighborhood watch program. I would suggest calling them see if non-residents could join. I know the quality of the neighborhood has diminished in the two years I have lived there, but it has the potential for being a great neighborhood. Perhaps if upstanding community members begin to frequent the park, even if it is just one night a week our numbers could easily drown out the ill contempts.

    Change can not occur until those that are not effected by it are as outrages as those who are.

    By the way… Paladins disptach number is 916-331-3175. It is saved in my cell, just incase.

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