Seen In The Neighborhood…

KJ stumping!

A Natomas Park resident wrote in to THE BUZZ:

“Kevin Johnson was going door-to-door in our neighborhood (Sunday night) about 6 p.m. My husband answered the door, so I missed my chance to ask him why he is turning down the opportunity to debate HF. And my husband is a bit of a basketball fan, so it took a little while to get the stars out of his eyes…”

As of this morning, several neighborhood homes now sport the patriotic “Kevin Johnson For Mayor” signs in their front yards.

Update: Kevin Johnson is scheduled to debate Heather Fargo on May 7, according to his campaign website. We’d love to have tix to that event — anyone have connections?


  1. FedupwithFargo says

    The Bee just reported that KJ will debate the rest of the mayoral candidates. Good thing, too, because then he will be able to show everyone how much better a job he’ll do than Fargo’s dull leadership.

  2. Anonymous says

    Love your Login name fedup!

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