Overheard On The Electronic Grapevine

If you’ve wanted to get involved and you have the time to do it, this is going down today…

“Tomorrow, Tuesday 22 April, at 3:00 there is a meeting in Ray Tretheway’s office (located on 915 “I” Street on the 5th Floor of new City Hall).

Several North Natomas community members who have been chasing the money trail for why we do not have what the city is supposed to provide us, found out about this scheme and contacted Ray.

As usual, if it is confrontational Ray knows nothing about it, even though his staff is supposed to attend the North Natomas Working Group meetings where this came up.

(Wow, if they really don’t attend, then maybe that shows how much Ray is interested in North Natomas?)

After finding out about it, Ray invited community members to his office, naturally it is during the work day so most of us can not attend.

If you can attend:(We need as many people here as possible!!!)

Show up at Ray’s office at 3:00. Learn about where he is leading us and why the developers did not make enough money when they built North Natomas. Let Ray explain why he is supportive on the rebate.

Listen to him as he tells you we have to keep building so let’s give money back to developers. Does he really think that the developers are going to walk away.

After listening, tell him no thanks and ask when construction begins on a new North Natomas project.

If you cannot attend:

E-mail Ray’s office, or in the morning to voice your objections to any rebate to developers until the North Natomas infrastructure is in place. Tell Ray you want our General Plan to state we should have 4 community centers.

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