What To Do If A Stranger Knocks On Your Door

In recent days, there have been reports of young people knocking on doors at random, while friends wait nearby.

One thought is the youths are plotting home invasions, the more likely scenario is they are scouting to see whether or not someone is home.

Last Saturday, one of the Neighborhood Watches in Regency Park had a pot luck and Officer Kurt McCray was there. He advised, in situations like that, to say something like, “My husband and I aren’t interested” or “My Rottweiler and I aren’t interested.”

No need to open the door or let them know any information beyond that.

If you do decide to open the door to a sales person and they are trying to sell you a home alarm, let them know you already have one (even if you don’t) and will contact them if you are interested in changing services.

If they ask which company you already use, tell them you don’t handle the bills and are not sure. It may be a lie but, they might be bad guys looking for homes without alarms and are hoping to get that information directly from you.

Better safe than sorry. Other tips:

  1. Leave your porch light on all night, every night.
  2. Get an alarm system installed, or at least get an alarm company sign and put it out in front of your house.
  3. Lock your sliding glass door(s) with the pin lock located near the floor.
  4. Place bars or wooden dowels in the tracks of all your windows.
  5. Add another deadbolt to your front door
  6. Don’t leave your garage door open, even a few inches.
  7. Replace your side door (the one leading into the garage) with a solid door. Add a second deadbolt.
  8. Lock the door leading from your garage to the interior of the house, even when you’re home.

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