Props For Those Who Recycled E-Waste Today

So THE BUZZ took our own advice and participated in the e-waste recycling fund raiser today at the Charter School.

It felt good to drop off the monitor, old DVD drives and a couple video cards knowing they would be disposed of correctly.

Everyone who made a drop off received an e-waste postcard designed by the school’s students to show their appreciation. Here’s the one we got.

If you happened to miss today’s event and you, like a lot of people, have some old computers, monitors, TVs, etc. you want to get rid of the RIGHT way, THE BUZZ tracked down some information on how to do so in Sactown.

This information comes from the County of Sacramento Waste Management & Recycling website.

Looks like there are a number of local electronic waste recycling companies that accept this material from the public, businesses, school districts and government agencies.

Advanced Computer Recycling Inc.
8535 Morrison Creek Drive, Suite B
Sacramento, CA 95828
Phone: 916-387-9988
Fax: 916-387-6886
Email: [email protected]

California Electronic Asset Recovery, Inc (CEAR)
3678 LeMay Street
Mather, CA 95655
Phone: 916-388-1777

Computer Recycling Center
Sacramento, CA
Phone: 916-452-5177
Email: [email protected]

Hewlett Packard
Product Returns & Recycling

HMR Group, Sacramento Central Processing Facility
8301 Belvedere Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95826
Phone: 916-381-5504

Sims Recycling Solutions
8855 Washington Blvd.
Roseville, CA 95678
Phone: 916-772-5600

Y Not Recycle
Old Army Depot
8310 Luzon Ave Suite 500
Sacramento CA 95828
Phone: 916-383-2922

Some types of electronic equipment that are in working, reusable condition may be donated at no charge to:

The Salvation Army
Locate donation centers at: or 1-800-95TRUCK

You may also check Earth 911 for additional information about electronics recycling.

Earth 911
Instructions: Enter your zip code (top left side of page), and then click on Electronics Recycling (left side of page).

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