Introducing Capt. Daniel Hahn

Good afternoon,

Let me introduce myself to all of you. I am the new Captain for the patrol North Command – taking over for Capt. Jeff Schiele.

In my last assignment I ran the Special Investigations Division/Youth Services Section. This division consists of the undercover detectives (ie Gangs, Vice, Narcotics) and all of our youth programs (ie School Resource Officers, Gang Resistance Education and Training Program, Criminal Justice High School Magnet Academies). We also implemented the three Attendance Centers we have City-wide (one of which is at Inderkum H.S.).

Prior to that I worked numerous assignments such as Public Information Officer, Watch Commander, Patrol Sergeant, Executive Lieutenant, POP Officers, High School Criminal Justice Academy Coordinator (Grant H.S.) and patrol officer.

I’m excited to be back in the north area where I spent a good part of my career. Some of those assigements included; the high school academy at Grant H.S., POP officer in Strawberry Manor, patrol sergeant in Natomas and watch commander for the whole north area.

Captain Daniel Hahn
Sacramento Police Department
Patrol Division – North Command
3550 Marysville Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95838
dhahn (at) pd (dot) cityofsacramento (dot) org


  1. Anonymous says


    I see you around all of the time. You are doing a great job…u must LOVE what you do. By the way, are you single?

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